10 Ways To Make Sex With a Sex Doll More Realistic

put perfume on her. take care not to put it directly onto the doll itself, as you don’t know what is inside of the perfume itself, it could contain chemicals that could be harmful to the skin of the doll. You can do it in an inconspicuous spot first and see how it reacts with the doll material before putting it on more prominent areas such as the neck and upper body. However, to be on safe side, I would advise you to put it on her hair or lingerie.

Speaking of perfume on lingerie, you would never think how much of a difference in terms of realism lingerie makes. Clothing in general can accentuate the feminine curves and figure of your doll and make it that much sexier to look at. Sexy lingerie, clothes and accessories don’t just work on real women, they do wonders for doll appearance too! Here are some of my favorite lingerie brands: [list lingerie brands]

Play a porn video in the background of a woman sensually masturbating or moaning. Engaging our olfactory senses with perfume in addition to our auditory senses just steps up the realism a notch.

Reduce the lights to a warm glow, or even almost dark. This simple trick works surprisingly well into tricking your mind that you really do have someone lying there- perhaps it’s because darkness removes the reflections of light bouncing of shiny TPE or silicone. This also works in real life with a woman. Sex always feels better with the lights down low. Imagine having sex under bright florescent lights! Maybe it’s built within our biology to avoid that and steer more towards dim lighting.

Get better quality wigs. Wigs can enhance the face and accentuate facial features that otherwise would go unnoticed. They’re essential if you want a more realistic experience. Some doll companies ship very good quality wigs, however others such as WM doll really skimp out on their wigs. They’re not good quality at all. However, the good news is that you can buy third party wigs which can be excellent quality because they’re made for actual humans. You can easily change up your doll’s look by changing her hair. I personally have used these wigs and have found them to be fantastic and well worth the money. here is a company offering excellent quality wigs at very reasonable prices

Get sex furniture such as sex chairs, sex swings and chaise lounges. Take a look at my article on the best sex chairs and swings

If you have a VR headset you can play a video while having sex with your doll at the same time, even in the same position as the woman in the VR. Give it a try and see how you like it.

If you own multiple dolls, set them up in different positions before you begin sex. This way you don’t have to worry about moving them into different positions in the middle of sex and you can just enjoy going from one to the other. It makes cleanup a bit more of a chore, but it’s worth it because the sex ends up more enjoyable if you don’t have to wrestle the doll in the middle of it just to put her in doggy position.

Warm her up. Many doll owners have electric blankets that warm up the doll 30 min- 1 hour before sexy time. A warm body will instantly up the realism and make sex that much more enjoyable. You can check out a blanket which I recommend here. Another less time consuming way is to warm up just the vagina using a USB warming stick. Check out this one here. You simply plug it into a USB socket, insert it into the vagina and wait 5-10 min. Afterwards, it should be a nice, soothing, warm sensation on your member upon entry.


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